Information About Gravestones

It is a belief among various religions to place gravestones on the top of the graves. The practice is among the Christian, Muslims, Jewish, and other religions. The main importance of the gravestone is to prove the identification of the gravesite. Sometimes it is difficult to identify the grave of a person if you weren’t there when the diseased was buried.

Prior to the establishment of cemeteries, families buried their loved ones close to their houses. Families used to place wood, boulders, or stone on top of the grave to prevent the deceased from rising. The contemporary concept evolved throughout the nineteenth century when gravestones became customized with the deceased’s date of birth and death and a quote, symbol, or a handful of important phrases. Gravestones denote a family’s or individual’s social class and religious beliefs; they have advanced significantly from the third millennium B.C. to the twenty-first century, resulting in gravestones evolving into a modern work of art. Social status plays a significant influence in the gravestone selection process; depending on your work or your family’s financial situation, you may be able to purchase a more luxurious memorial.

Gravestones are priced differently depending on their size, color, artwork, design, and placement and whether they are a simple flat grave marker or a more sophisticated upright burial marker. Gravestones are made by carving and the details of the diseased are inscribed. The date of birth of the diseased, the cause of death, and the date of death are the major details that are included in the gravestone. Additionally, there can be the inclusion of the personal message, a quote or, a message from the scripture. The improvement of technology has to the inclusion of the photograph of the diseases.

Different type of materials is used to make gravestone. Granite and sandstone are among the material that is used to make gravestones. Granite is the best because it produces a high-quality finished product. The inscription in the granite is quality and durable. Other materials that are used include wood, plants, marble, and limestone. Also, the use of slate is far much better, like the use of granite. Slate produces wonderful artwork that is admirable and eye-catching. The softness of the material makes it possible to produce a lot of designs and wonderful shapes. The smoothness of the material makes it impossible for the bacterial to settle. Thus the gravestone is not affected by the environmental hazard. ( The unscripted message remains as original as possible and is not affected by the harsh environmental conditions. The choice of the design will depend on the intention of the gravestone. A gravestone may only carry the simple message of the diseased. While it can also act as a gift when people stop to admire the art and remember the diseased. ( The durability of the material influences the choice of the gravestone to use granite and soapstone are among the widely preferred material. (

Except for a few, the majority of grave markers surveyed were made of the cheapest material available, gravestones, regardless of the individual’s age or gender. It does appear that many may choose the less expensive choice because of the high cost of funerals. While gravestones are something for family members to visit, they do not compare to the real funeral, which is why most people spend their money on the actual funeral rather than on expensive gravestones.