Materials used to make a gravestone

Regardless of the style, you want to use as a memorial for the death of your loved one, the gravestone can be made from a wide range of materials. The most common constituents which are used in making the gravestone include sandstone, marble, fieldstone, sandstone, bronze, wood, iron, and slate. Many of the vast gravestones are made from stone. The material which is used in making the gravestone depends on various factors involving personal taste and the optimal of design. The material to be used needs to be carved into intricate informed gravestones, but some wish to use a simple gravestone design. The most known strong headstone includes those made from sandstone and marble. Sandstone is known to endure many centuries of weathering.

The constituents which are used in making gravestone

1 Granite/Sandstone

Granite is known to be strong and durable. From the appearance of the stone, it looks beautiful. Sandstone exists in different colors. The stone can be polished or honed thus it has many options of developing it to look more beautiful than the other types of stones used in the grave. Stonemasons are known to carve into different shapes to form a better shape of sandstone which is safe. This makes it look more elegant and maintain its look for many years. Sandstone is best since it is an inexpensive material. Another material that is cheap apart from granite in making the gravestone is a natural boulder.

2 Marble

Marble is known to have a distinctive and uniquely striking look, the natural color of white on its appearance makes it look brighter even in dull weather periods. This makes it be the second-best gravestone for one to use. It has a disadvantage though of becoming dull over while than granite. It also can be vulnerable to the impact of rain for a long time these makes it have a high level of maintenance than granite. It is expensive compared to granite. Other constituents which are used in making gravestone but they are expensive is bronze.

The best option for gravestones is sandstone and natural boulder since they are inexpensive compared to marble and bronze.